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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/10/2016


Perfect for any dwelling, new or old - and what’s more the frames come ready to hang. Other frame /mount choices include black acrylic, light aluminium and wood.

The Matted Prints in a swish box is also a perfect solution for any portrait photographer, obviously - and enhances the images contained within its premium presentation. Likewise the Event Book is an apt way to present portraits from your shoot and create a special keepsake for the customer, whilst its contemporary range of frames/mounts is also something well worth offering to any portrait client.


From babies to boudoir, plentiful options to present

If said portraiture involved taking photographs of children in particular - from babies to teens, there are some cute yet high value presentation solutions offered. Coffee table books - again the Album Epoca Event Book - are among the recommendations here, as are the boxes of Matted Prints, the classic Event Album, Framed Prints and even a 4x6-inch ‘Compat Book’ - ideal for Mums, Dads and grandparents who want a keepsake they can carry with them and use as a ‘boast book’. The fact that these tiny books are easy for your clients to slip into a bag, and whip out to show to friends and family, has the result that they are automatically advertising your work to a wider circle.

At the more adult end of the market, namely boudoir photography, Album Epoca also offers boudoir books and presentation solutions of every description - including a special box of Matted Prints -in sleek black this time. Alternatively direct your clients to a classic album, or if they do want to put their more intimate moments on display, then a tape top frame is another popular choice. Another popular choice is once again a Compat Book - a printed keepsake of the session that your client can always carry with them - if so wished.

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