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by Julie Hughes Published 01/01/2005


This is part one of a series of articles on pregnancy, birth and newborn photography, taking you from the first breath to the first steps of life. Be sure to attend the Annual Convention at Coventry in January where Julie will be presenting the complete series We are looking for brave models. If you know anyone who is going to be eight months pregnant or who will have a newborn in January please e mail Julie at

The perfect roundness of a mother's belly, the way her husband looks at her.... the first cry, that moment when we fall in love with the most perfect baby in the world:, all of these moments are gone as soon as they appear. That is why you should have baby and maternity plans for your clients.

Our studio just kind of fell into maternity photography when a lot of my brides did what comes natural after they got married, they got pregnant. Can you believe that when they first started calling me several years ago, I turned them away because I had no idea how to photograph a pregnant woman, as in those days before internet and Demi Moore, I had never seen a picture of a pregnant belly. All of the sudden about 8 years ago, pregnant woman (naked I might add) started appearing on covers of magazines, so I began cutting them out, and looking on the internet for ideas for my brides that where turning into mommies.

I wanted to be ready the next time some one called for me to do this service. Sure enough, one of my adorable little brides was pregnant with twins and of course she wanted to be photographed naked. OH MY! I had never, at that time, photographed anybody nude. I was mortified. Thank-God for my trusty assistant Liz who had worked in a doctor's office and was really comfortable with naked people.

If you have little or no experience with figure studies buy a good book or check out appropriate web sites for ideas on fine art nude photography and get a friend or hire a model to work with you extensively.

Your clients trust you with their reputations and lives. I have done a lot of this type of photography, and actually give my clients the work product when I am done.

I then destroy the images that they do not buy. Unless you have a signed client release, never show or exhibit their images. To be naked is to be very vulnerable, and my client's privacy and wishes are foremost in my mind. However, with this type of fine art photography, many clients are flattered to have you use them so it never hurts to ask.

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