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by Paul Gallagher Published 01/01/2007


McNamee & Gallagher take a walk in the country with more gear than is sensible.

It was all Gallagher's fault! Persuaded, as he was, to field-test some bags and tripods, we ended up in Dalbeattie Forrest, lugging shed-loads of gear around.

Now the reader should understand from the outset that there is a big difference between a Gallagher and a McNamee. One is tall, good looking and carries his weight well, the other is called McNamee. A big bag on Gallagher, therefore, is something approaching a troop carrier when lashed to the back of midget McNamee - think of a snail carrying its home on its back and you will not be far from the mark. Other suggestions have included a tortoise and a hemit crab, none very flattering.


Paul Gallager with the Lowepro Trekker AWII fully loaded. ABOVE: The 60-litre Kata 502 will comfortably accommodate a puppy and 12 rolls of Andrex! Alternatively it will hold vast quantities of equipment.

So it came to pass that Gallagher carried a LowePro Trekker AW2 replete with Ebony 45SU Field Camera and a Gitzo GT 3540; McNamee carried the Kata 502, replete with a Manfroto 055 MF3 and various categories of ballast. The 502 is the largest bag that Kata make (for back carrying that is), so large , in fact, that we ran out of gear to fill it up and ballasted it with various tins of dog food, drinking water, food, clothing along with D-SLR gear and a bunch of spare double dark slides. The idea was to test the bag at its limit (and to test the tester at his limit at the same time!). The complete list of gear you can put into a 502 is as follows

2 bodies with motor drives
9 lenses
1 flash gun
1 tripod
1 laptop

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1st Published 01/01/2007
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