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by Dave Montizambert Published 01/12/2012

It also drags down the brightness of the specular highlight. In the end, the specular highlight appears less intense and larger, while the pepper's red tone appears as though nothing has happened. Talk about counter intuitive!

Increasing source distance from subject increases specular contrast.

Decreasing source distance from subject decreases specular contrast.

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Laws For Squares:

Specular contrast is affected by the inverse square law. If you wanted to reduce the contrast (the specular brightness) by one quarter, in other words make it two stops darker than what it was, decrease the distance of the light source to the subject by one half. Moving a light source from four feet to two feet would cause its specular highlight on the surface the subject to become two times wider and two times higher: 2 x 2 = 4 times bigger - the specular would cover a four times bigger area on the subject. The amount of light energy would be four times greater as well, but since it's covering a four times bigger area, it would stay the same intensity.

The subject's tone would also receive four times more energy. Re-metering would instruct us to reduce the exposure by two f-stops in order to maintain a correct exposure. This reduction in exposure reduces the specular highlight's exposure in the image, making it one quarter of the initial brightness. In other words two stops darker.

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