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by Ron Pybus Published 01/04/2010

To add to our problems my main computer blew up three days before Christmas. Fortunately most of the data was stored on back-up files, but as a result we have ensured that we have even better back-up systems in place, as well as purchasing a new whole computer system - so much forsaying that we were OK on the computing front.

I am writing this just after Focus, so many of you will have been out and spent hard-earned money on gadgets at both the Convention and at Focus. Look hard at those purchases over the next few months and ask yourself, 'Did I really need it...or has it improved my images, workflow,etc in any way?' The chances are that your purchases have made no real difference, except that your kit bag has become heavier.

If I could pass on a 10 final tips they would be:-

1. Keep things simple - poses, equipment and lighting.
2. If you get something wrong - admit it - don't go round the houses with excuses.
3. Give the ultimate customer care.
4. If you promise something - be on time or be early.
5. Always seek repeat bookings before people leave the studio.
6. Give value for money.
7. Do not give discounts or barter - you are worth what you charge.
8. Be honest and upfront about prices.
9. Don't hard sell - if you do they will not come back.
10. Be smart in your appearance, and efficient and professional in the way you work but enjoy the work you are doing.

We have planned to run the business down rapidly during 2010 rather than in 2011 and retire fully on my 69th birthday, rather than running on until I hit my 70th.

Good luck to you all in the future. I will think of you all working hard on Saturdays when I am strolling along a country path or walking the beach.

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