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Published 02/02/2015


20 years and going strong, Charlie Kaufman picks up another award at the 2015 Convention!

Well known to members of The Societies, The Click Group, helmed by Charlie Kaufman fswpp hon, is celebrating its 20th year with a raft of new backgrounds and props, a major new data source to generate thousands of bookings for its Bump 2 Baby members and new group Dudoir By Fresh targeting the male market. Gavin Stoker hears more...

A regular exhibitor at The Societies Convention, roadshows and seminars, The Click Group has 20 year's experience of helping fellow photographers generate and maintain business, and has won awards, not least from the SWPP itself, for doing so (indeed, once again this year! See image, right). Its MD Charlie Kaufman is also the proud recipient of an Honorary Fellowship from The Societies in recognition of his industry support. Charlie claims that over the past two decades Click has generated in excess of quarter of a billion pounds for photographers in the UK and US.

Intrinsic to The Click Group's proposition is the sale of potentially valuable leads to its members - such as data, including emails and phone numbers for new mums as part of its postcode-related Bump 2 Baby offering, which currently has 380 members.


Bump 2 Baby gets new data source
"With Bump 2 Baby, our photographers currently take pre-natal as well as first- and second-year data," Charlie explains. "For the good of the industry we have come together with our former rivals Barrett & Coe to become an authorised distributor of their Emma's Diary data. This gives the Bump 2 Baby programme a new lead source, with data collected via the Emma's Diary publication, a week-to-week guide to pregnancy produced on behalf of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Mothers then complete a form in the booklet to enable them to pick up packs from Boots and Argos.

"Emma's Diary has also just launched a new pack which they expect to reach 95% of pregnant mums. This will be given out by midwives and includes a 36-page booklet: 'A Guide to Labour and Birth'.

"We have wanted this data for a number of years, as Emma's Diary releases phone numbers and email addresses and our members are allowed to make contact as many times as they want within the year of buying the data record."

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