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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2009


TOP: There are differences between the standard full-size Macbeth ColorChecker and the Passport ColorChecker which would not trouble most users unless they were engaged in really high-accuracy reproduction. ABOVE: The histogram shows that the Rags Gardner method out-performs the other two methods tested on every colour except the orange-yellow, full yellow, cyan and white.


The Rags Gardner scripting produced a better result than Passport but the cost in terms of time and simplicity is quite significant. Passport completes the job in about 20 seconds, whereas the Rags Gardner script can take 30 minutes on a slow computer and rarely gets below 14 minutes even on a very fast workstation. The Passport has a simple interface and is easily implemented, many would be put off by the otherwise excellent instructions that come with the Rags Gardner script.

You can have the best of all worlds by using Passport for routine work and employing scripting to measure and assess the quality of your output (you could also discard your cares and trust in Passport until experience taught you otherwise!). In all but extremely precise and controlled reproduction work the Passport would perform the task admirably; you need a Macbeth Chart about the studio anyway, so you might as well have it nicely packaged! We liked it a lot.

Macbeth Passport £79 inc VAT Rags Gardner

What the patches are (read normally)
1. Dark Skin
2. Light Skin
3. Sky Blue
4. Foliage
5. Blue Flower
6. Bluish Green
7. Orange
8. Purplish Blue
9. Moderate Red
10. Purple
11. Yellow Green (lime)
12. Orange Yellow (lemon)
13. Blue
14. Green
15. Red
16. Yellow
17. Magenta
18. Cyan
19. 96% White
20. 81% White
21. 66% Grey
22. 52% Grey
23. 35% Grey
24. 20% Black

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