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by Winston Ingram Published 01/04/2000

Finally there are some other factors that can either help or hinder your ability to turn out a good colour print. A change in the make of chemistry, film or paper can also influence your starting point and your colour balance, so its better when you first start to keep to the same make of film, paper and chemistry and that will eliminate any possible problems that can occur by changing your basic stock and your basic system.

Hopefully within the first hour you will have your first good colour print

The photographs I've supplied for this article were all printed using the system details and using the chemistry as described.

Towards the end of last year I was lucky enough to have the job of photographing some stars of the Berlin Opera, it was a great pleasure because they were very nice people to get on with. We started off with ordinary head and shoulder portraits in black and white for their port-folios and publicity and these were so enthusiastically accepted that they came back for a second and third visit to London to my studio with costumes, to have their photographs taken in costume.

The young lady sitting in the Peacock chair is in a Wagnerian costume

There is Madame Butterfly

The clowns are from Paliarche

All the photographs were taken with the Mamiya RB67 Crowess, 90 mm lens using Kodak 100 gold profession and printed on Kodak super-free paper.

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