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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/08/2007


Camera technique is key, I am shooting this shot wide open at 2.8, I have the bride and dad look at each other, I have her look at dad's forehead to get her eyes wide open and looking more natural.

This is something I could not correct if I shot natural PJ. I am shooting right over dad's shoulder, blowing out the background and, more importantly, losing the existence of a location.

This allows me to plug the photo right into the have also really centred the image, I believe, by adding the sloppy border (available at ). In image #2, I shift the camera up to the ear keeping the same camera tilt in the direction of the face to raise the sight line.

This is just the beginning of my flow posing methods. As I always preach, I believe it is extremely important to make each pose flow together to the next.

Pose # 3 is more of the same I want to capture the crown of the bride as well as the texture of the hair. I just have her tilt the head down while keeping camera tilt the same and cropping in tight on her head.


The main goal is to show her crown if she has one and the detail work on her hair. These photos are being created as part of a story for pages in the album.

When designing my albums, I am striving for a unique look and these detail shots can be used as fillers or background images. They are extremely important to the story; especially when I am using my main album, Asuka Book.

I want each page to have an individual look, while having a story unfold. Again these are the details that are most important.

The items she spent time to decide upon. You have to think, 'Is there a chance mom gave her the earrings or the necklace from her new husband or the crown is grandma's?' These are all possibilities and the reason no detail should be left un-photographed.

In photo #4 I have asked the bride to hold the bouquet in front of her waist, extending her arms. I am placing the bride at a 90- degree angle to the window light to allow it to feather across the bouquet and dress, to get maximum detail of both, and again I added camera tilt to dramatise the image.

Do theses images look poses or candid? My clients tend to see them as candid. That's the trick.ceremony spot with the natural traditional shots. I am, as I said, two photographers in one. Could you get all these shot with this soft lighting and detail and expression every time?

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