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by David Simm Published 01/05/2001

Shoot the wedding the way you normally do, but double up with your digicam, in this way you will slowly introduce digital to your business, without the risk of a foul up and at the same time introduce some new creativity into your wedding work.

Pull the images into your PC or Mac ( by the way I use Photoshop on the Mac but with the PC, which I have set up with ProShots viewer, I use the programmes mentioned above and select a few for digital treatments.

Open one at a time in Professor Franklin and try a few of the fantastic one click special effects. There is everything from scratchboard edges, curled up corners, drop shadows to faded antique looking sepia tones with deckled edges, you could even add a fancy picture frame and many more mind boggling effects.

Professor Franklin default is to save as a bitmap file .bmp so you should always save as... then you can select Tiff or Jpeg.

Next if you have Photoshop, Photodeluxe or Similar create a background on which to compose your images. The background could be plain white, black or coloured. You could use a close up of the Bride's bouquet suitably lightened and blurred in the Professor. Now pull in sequences of images, resize and compose them into interesting shapes.

Next you will want to record some Royalty Free music into single .wav files, you may need a few for different shows, of varying lengths, you see Media view likes to have just one .wav file for a slide show and it times out each image to be a fraction of the total play time, by dividing the number of images into it.

That is to say, that if you wanted to show forty image for five seconds each, you would need a .wav sound file lasting 200 seconds or three minutes and thirty three seconds. Now, if your music file was only two minutes and forty five seconds then the result would be a four second viewing for each slide.

The really great features of Media View 2000, are that you can organise the images like slides on a light table, much like ProShots or any other light table. You can move them round, rotate orientation, change contrast or brightness and one or two other simple manipulative effects. Then with just a few key strokes you can orchestrate a musical slide show in as little time as take to read this paragraph.

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