Editorial - November-December 2006 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/11/2006

Watching fashions evolve and change is an interesting pastime. Canvas wrap, which was so popular 18 months ago, seems to have run its course, certainly in the 'art' sector. In the recent, Epson-sponsored survey for Art Business Today, canvas wrap came in at fourth, with limited edition giclee prints on paper topping the popularity stakes. While it will take a little longer for this to filter into the photographic sector, the flooding of the walls of Ikea with canvas wrap seems to have turned the shakers and movers off. Silver is the 'in' framing finish; indeed it is 'silver-everything', with today's Guardian carrying a four-pager on the subject. Although the shift to silver is currently spearheaded by the 'art' sector, that is what will be in the home and lifestyles magazines, then in the galleries and then onto the walls of those with disposable income. So guess what your photographic clients will want to match your portrait up to? We seem to be on the money with our recent features on Painter and flamenco dancers as Fletcher Sibthorp came out top in the living artists section (visit www.bucksfineart. com) with his dancer studies - not surprising, as it was seeing this work that set the seeds of our own studies! In terms of subject, local views and landscapes came out top (any gallery owner will confirm that - local views always sell), figure studies came in at sixth and nudes at ninth. Epson will be pleased to learn that their printers are owned by the vast majority of those galleries who have a printer and will be looking forward to installing the new 3800s in those that do not - Hewlett Packard and Canon may have other views on the subject!

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1st Published 01/11/2006
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