I'm thinking of employing someone to help me out with a big wedding shoot, possibly my son who is a student. What will it mean for my accounts? - part 2 of 1 2

Published 01/10/2010

The basic advice is, if you employ anyone, family member or not, you should keep full records of the work done. If you do this, and pay the going rate, not an inflated amount, for a proper job of work, then it should be accepted. Paying directly through your bank accounts would help also.

Here's a quick check list if you are thinking of paying an assistant:

· Ensure you keep an accurate record of payments made and the work done
· Bear in mind a PAYE scheme may be needed
· Remember employer obligations
· You can pay a family member
· If you employ a family member, you may need to justify the work done.

Next time I'll be looking again at the implications of work clothing, whether you can claim as a photographer for specialist gear.

By Julian Shaw, TWD Accountants.

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