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Colour Testing

In case you hadn't noticed we were already impressed with the R3000 and subsequent audit testing did not disappoint. The A3+ print made onto Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper was very clean with smooth skin tones, good neutrals and a particularly smooth Granger Chart. The highlight and shadow separation were also particularly good, running up to 252 RGB points for the highlight and down all the way to 15RGB points in the shadows.


The metamerism was normal for this ink set and paper, with CII value of 3.32 ?E00 (50% grey D65-Tungsten A). Dmax for this colour print was 2.24 and the mid-tone density measured 50.54% against an aim value of 50% - to all intents, spot on.

The colour error data are tabled. The average of 3.8?E00 is typical for a generically profiled machine and good enough for commercial, professional grade of printing. The distribution of the errors was evenly spaced across the hue, saturation and brightness channels. The errors were lowest in the blues and highest in the reds (slightly unusual in the Epsons but this does tend to occur with the slightly cool, PLPP). The error in the reds was in saturation which is slightly more forgiving for skin tones. Although the skin error amounted to almost 10% saturation the skin still looked clean because the error in the hue was so low.

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