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We promised to return to the Epson 4900 and explore the performance in more detail. In particular we wished to explore the matt, fine-art paper performance and also to categorise the gamut surface and the performance when reproducing colours out wide in the gamut field.

For the tests we have devised a new patch set which is more stringent than that formerly used in Paper Chase for colour auditing. We will take a considered view as we test the 4900 printer with more papers and perhaps adjust things at a later date. The new protocol is discussed in the call-out box.


Premium Luster Photo Paper (PLPP) We tested the driver-installed icc profile along with a couple of variants of a bespoke profile using PLPP. We like to use this paper as it is of premium quality and is very bright but does not rely on OBAs. In the past it has lagged a little behind some other papers in terms of absolute accuracy partly because the paper tone drags down the skin tones. However, with the bespoke profile, the 4900 came within a whisker of passing the Fogra ISO 12647-7 contract proofing standard, easily the closest we have come outside of using the GMG RIP. The only dissenting colour was the pure magenta which was a mere tenth of a point off on overall accuracy but almost a whole point out on hue.

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