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by Damien Lovegrove Published 01/10/2016


An interesting note in the book informs us that no Photoshop work has been employed on any of the images; very relevant in view of the discussion of The Vagenda on other pages of this magazine. In The Vagenda the discussion runs along the line that Photoshopping is presenting young, impressionable young girls with impossible, unattainable levels of beauty. Once again we beg to differ, even a casual glance through Portraits shows impossible, unattainable levels of beauty without retouching and this time you can't blame Photoshop - Lovegrove's models are in natural possession of almost unattainable beauty so those of us without the looks are just going to have to deal with it!


The standard of the images in the book are actually distractingly high - it is quite difficult to tear yourself away from the images to read the text! The pictures speak for themselves though, although we would have liked just a couple more explanatory lighting diagrams (there is only one) even though they can be expensive to produce.

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1st Published 01/10/2016
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