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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/08/2009


Some Tips for Your Creative Flow

Those of you who've suffered creative blocks for long periods of time get into a cycle of the same old routing. But the solution might be a lot simpler than you think. Here are some suggestions for stimulating your creativity, regardless of what kind of creative work you do.

Consume Knowledge. Whether it's newspapers, magazines, books, websites, movies, whatever. The more mixed, the better.

Surf the web. Browse at least 50-100 web pages/articles in a short period of time, say 1-2 hours. You do not have to do this every day - just when you're feeling your creativity and productivity turn to a trickle. Take photos of other poses or ideas with your phone so you can study them.


Always keep your eyes open. Take in as much visual information as possible: images, video. I like to mix in browsing of fashion and wedding work.

Be passionate. Make sure that your consumption of information includes topics that you are passionate about. If you're lacking this, no amount of input is going to help your creativity. Everyday Find a Way. Go for a walk and think of something unrelated to the type of creativity you're trying to find. In other words take five minutes every day to think or do something you never have before.

In today's marketplace, the time is now. Creativity is a must, change is a definite, most importantly, close your eyes and open your mind. Today, not tomorrow, not late; right now, go someplace you have never been and open your creative mind to what you can do there. Don't go to the Ritz, go to the dirty, old, rustic building. What can you do? Show yourself. I hope you enjoy these photos from a recent wedding. I did it in the heart of the Long Island Vineyards. The caterer has never seen someone go to the dirty wine cellar. I knew it was the place for me. I hope you enjoy. Also I will be giving an all-day class at the Convention in which we tour London in the good old red bus. Don't miss it. I promise it will be life-changing. Register now at Seating is extremely limited.

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