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Published 01/01/2009


Time spent with the client in the viewing process often seems like an inconvenience to many photographers yet this is the time when they could potentially get their rewards, not only financial but from the emotional reward from the responses you get from your client when they see the resulting images. This is your moment of glory and the moment that can make or break the business from the revenue potential. The AV presentation of images is an emotional process but it isn't a hard sell option. If all the preparation is done beforehand, as described, then you should be almost there. The images should sell themselves and the client should already have an idea of the products they may want to invest in and the price points those products start at. Navigating them through a simple AV presentation and taking them through a process of elimination allows you to establish their likes and dislikes, from here suggest options for presentation, showing your fabulous samples as examples. If you are viewing images in the client's home then you have the facility to project directly onto a piece of wall where the image may finally hang - this allows you and the client to establish the perfect size and frame. Beautiful sample albums will allow the clients to visualise how their images will be recorded in the storybook format and will help to sell the concept for you, additional miniature copy albums that mum could have in her bag or give to grandparents are great potential incentives to steer people towards having an album, these can be offered as a complimentary copy of the main album (factored in to the cost obviously) or offered at a competitive price as an 'add-on' sale.


Once you are sure the sale is completed to it's optimum level then this is the time to confirm your attention to service and client care. The client may have invested a significant amount of money with you but may realistically not receive any products for 4-6 weeks. You need to communicate with the client in the meantime with regard to the process of the order to confirm delivery dates and constantly be aware of the progress of the order, updating the clients if there are going to be any hold-ups, always under promise and over deliver rather than the other way around!

Once the products are ready for collection/delivery always try to be there in person. You are further confirming the personal service your business provides and cementing the relationship with the client further, thus establishing you as their photographer of choice for the future.

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