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by Llewellyn Robins Published 01/08/2016

Why go for a qualification? There are be many reasons for wanting to have qualification letters after your name. It may be entirely personal and just for your own self-satisfaction. It may be a challenge to help you improve your standard of work. We all enjoy taking pictures but sometimes wonder how we are going to use them. Going for a qualification can be the reason. It can be that goal for which you are aiming.

In business, being qualified can enhance your status, which in turn could lead to higher prices. It will certainly reassure your clients that they have a photographer who has proved themselves before their peers. It also enables you to promote yourself by announcing your achievement in the community. Whatever your reasons, start planning a panel of work now.

Plan your submission. Set yourself a target to produce a number of suitable images per month. The first five images are always the most difficult to achieve but when you start to see the images come together you will be surprised how much you are enjoying the process. The various levels of qualification. Whatever level you are applying for there are some factors which are equally as important at Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship.

Good post-production. Correct colour balance. Correct rendering of highlights and shadows. Sharp where it is intended to be. Local enhancements such as retouching and shading carried out in a way that does not make them obvious.

Good presentation always adds value to a submission. Complementary matts and borders must support the image, not detract from it.

Licentiate. Twenty images are required for Licentiate level and are normally submitted on-line. These images must show competence and demonstrate the photographer's skills in lighting, composition, camera craft and, where applicable, people skills such as good expression and posing. Many applicants at Licentiate level are in the wedding category and often don't succeed because of the choice of images. There will be lots of guests taking images with their compact cameras and phones.

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