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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2013


Keeping it personal

Victoria's passion for creative filmmaking tumbles over into her personal projects too. With her sights set firmly on exploring every potential that 4K video has to offer she is planning some wild adventures in the future. 'I have some crazy visions' Victoria exclaims! 'I've wanted to film a documentary in Afghanistan with the troops and I'd like to also film a documentary showing the issues that kids have all over the world. I'm now at a place where I can take some time away from my business to follow my dreams and passion projects. I'd like to give back to charities and make a difference to the world and I think that film has a bigger pull than just a still image.

'I'd also like to free dive with great white sharks and film them. These are experiences where I would previously have found it difficult to decide if I wanted to photograph or film. When I was speaking in Vancouver I got to go up in a news helicopter and I found myself having to decide if I wanted to shoot stills or video. I had to make a choice because it was only a five minute journey. Doing a great white shark dive is a 4K project to me. I can just shoot video and I know I've got stills as well.'

But for Victoria her heart is in Africa. It's where her photographic journey started when she bought a camera to take on safari and one of her ambitions is to go back and film there. Victoria is also trekking Kilimanjaro for charity next year and will be filming her time on the side of the mountain that nears 20,000ft.

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