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by Richard P Walton Published 01/08/2010


I got sucked in, I purchased an iPhone and my life has been ruined. I have no life any more, only the life that involves me looking at down at my nice shiny piece of Apple goodness. If it was a real apple it would no doubt be a Granny Smith. It's amazing!

I think it's a big wake-up call to us all - the general public has 'professional' editing software at its finger tips.

With an selection of apps that can turn basic snapshots into works of art, that in the past may have taken hours in Photoshop. Skin-softening apps that work, apps that give those great vintage looks that are popular right now and even a great colour separation app (as much as we hate these, our clients and IKEA clients still seem to love them).

I think the iPhone is an example of how cameras will all be in the near future. Making it easier than ever for a monkey to achieve 'professional' results.

I went to a skateboarding event recently, as I was on pleasure not business I didn't have my camera with me, however, I did have my new camera, I mean iPhone, in my pocket. I started to take a few shots and ended up getting carried away. I walked away with around a hundred shots all edited at the time I took them and all up on Facebook with in no time at all (again all on the iPhone). I studied my photos and really couldn't believe the quality; I thought to myself if only these were of a higher resolution I could actually use these for work.

The next day I had an email from the company who had organized the event saying that they had seen my photos on Facebook and would like to use the images. In amazement I could only tell the truth and say that they were taken on an iPhone an weren't very high in resolution suitable for print. I had a reply saying that they were only to be used on the internet and for a slideshow at their European distributors' meeting.

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