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Now Charlie has 'bumped' into The Societies - and in particular the SWPP. Click will take a stand at our Convention in January, for the first time.

He tells Imagemaker: "Since last year The Click Group has had total prenatal exclusivity for its Bump to Baby and My First Year schemes with Bounty, the UK's largest prenatal and postnatal data company. This gives us exclusive 'opt in' data from Bounty, for women who are six months pregnant.

The data may be used twice, once on initial receipt and again eight weeks later.

The first mail piece gives the recipient the chance to have a Bump to Baby photo session, one with 'the bump' and again when the baby is born; providing a 5"x7" print free of charge from each session.

I invite SWPP photographers to compare the lead cost with charges levied by a competitor photo organisation.

Bottom line? SWPP members can buy our data cheaper and they get it earlier."

Charlie K is a non-stop whirling dervish of a guy. His entire psyche is wired to sell; to communicate and to achieve. He told me that he has never loved the business more than he does today - and that if he won the lottery he would still continue to work seven days a week. If I were a gambler I'd put money on that being the truth.

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