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by John Denton Published 01/08/2014


A change of look and we were off to Hull for a little street photography. Underneath the dual carriageway running into the city centre is an area that always gives great light. Again it's surrounded by concrete that bounces the light around and any sunlight is magnified under there. There are also little pockets where direct light sneaks through from above which can be useful.


Our warm-up shot was in simple flat light giving 1⁄1000s at f2.8 ISO200. It's very easy light to use, not the most inspirational, but suited to a simple image to get us both back in the flow after the drive into town.

I then chose a location that offered two forms of lighting. The sun creeping in from behind Jodie gave a nice backlight to her hair whilst it lit her front nicely as it bounced back off the road. Finding areas where this is possible is always a bonus on any natural light shoot as you effectively have a two-light set-up.

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1st Published 01/08/2014
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