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by Lisa Beaney Published 01/12/2016


When I am photographing the couple at a wedding I quite often only have 10 minutes with them for the bride and groom portraits. This means that you need to have planned what you want to do and you need to learn to work fast!

One way of doing this is to use the available light that you have inside the venue. This is particularly useful in the winter or those generally grey British days that we get.

Almost any light can be used as a light source and when you are looking at them there are three things to consider :
1. The direction of the light
2. The amount of light
3. The colour of the light

All lights have different characteristics and it is learning to use these that will make a difference. You have the soft light through a north-facing or shaded window, halogen downlighters, tungsten lamps, etc and they can all be used in your photography.


This photo was taken using window light from a window that was completely in the shade. The model was standing to one side so she just caught the edge of the light coming through. Camera settings: ISO 800 1/125 f4 at about 50mm on the Sony A7R2 with the Sony Zeiss f4 24-70 lens.

One thing I always try to achieve is light on to the bride's face. This quite often means that she is not looking at the camera for the photographs but has her face pointed towards the light source.

Another thing is that you will quite often be working at very high ISO settings on your camera, so it is very important to get your exposure settings correct. To do this I use a handheld light meter and hold it where the subject will be and point it towards the light source. I then use this to set my camera aperture and shutter speed (in manual!).

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