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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/01/2009


When it's sincere, a focus on relationships is a marketable entity. We have built our business on that foundation We are very much marketing a style, and that makes it so much easier to do our work. Clients come in very open minded. They are looking for our artistic direction. Even when I ask them what they want, they say, 'You're the artist. Tell us what do you want us to do'. Everything we do is based on branding. Much like Coke, Pepsi or Disney. Patken Photographer is a brand that implies a certain style and guaranteed quality. One critical area for promoting the studio is to promote from within. I am a firm believer that the best place to advertise is with people you already have. We are fortunate that our business derives from 90% client and caterer recommendations. We have not done any form of print advertising in over 10 years. Our website is crucial to our success which is in the last phase of a new, exciting overhaul and should be ready by the Convention. Because of our constant changes to the site with fresh images and site changes through Big Folio Web sites, it keeps the site moving. In the last year our site has been hit roughly 500,000 times. This gives you good idea about how the traffic works to showcase both sides of the business, weddings and portraits. One way we draw attention to our site is through our extensive online sales. In order to view photos from an event you must go through the site which will show you a short slide show of not just weddings, but all the forms of photography we do. It will show babies, families, seniors, boudoir, pregnancy and so on. The most important thing it does is it keep flashing the name Patken. Branding it into the client's head. Reminding them whatever they need, we can do. The opening of the website sparked a lot of interest into our style of work. As part of the personal relationship process, I think it is crucial to develop a relationship with venues you attend. We commonly provide images gratis for a venue's website and promotional materials.


As a preview to our upcoming business class I thought I would list five Key Marketing Tips.

1 The Best Place to advertise is with the people you already have.
2 Remember you studio name is a brand. If you build it, they will come.
3 Remember every impression you make is your first impression. They all count!
4 Maximise relationships with people who can help you. caterers, bands, bridal shops, industry leaders, etc.
5 Show your images whenever you can, set up screens at affairs for guests to see, it is free advertising

With all this said, this is just some of what we will be doing at the upcoming convention along with a lot of posing, lighting, and Photoshop.

Make sure to sign up for my full day class on Thursday. It sold out very quickly last year. We will be going in, out and everywhere around Novotel. Learn to use video light, candle light, hell any light for that matter1

Also I am proud to announce my 11th Annual in Studio class in Lindenhurst, NY. Last year's class sold out at the Convention and is priced at $1,195 US. In European 'dollars' that is the equivalent of a cup of coffee. He He! Dougie - Funny. To Register or more info go to

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