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Published 01/02/2009

Howard Butterfield of theimagefile...

offers some more good advice

What a fantastic convention. It was great to catch up with so many members of theimagefile... , thank you for coming by to say hello and for your positive comments. To hear about all your triumphs using the system; that is now, according to one member "A one stop shop, profit generating web strategy for the photographer" is very satisfying and really does spur us on to even greater things.

It was also a huge pleasure to talk with so many new photographers juststarting their businesses with such energy, dynamism and little regard for all the recent negative press. Those brave decisions really do deserve every success.

Most of all though it was hearing the feedback on our seminars, most of it very positive, that was so encouraging, to present an idea that then immediately spawns so many angles and variants demonstrates conclusively that your creativity is not limited to your photography.

I hope some of the following key points that generated the most discussion from the presentations help spark more creative approaches.

Is your web site really working for you? Is it achieving the three key objectives of every effective web presence of:- Saving you time and money. Generating more customers and actually selling your work.

Have you written your elevator speech? Are you fully prepared to answerthe questions:- What do you do? How much do you charge and what makes you special? You should be prepared enough to really look forward to being asked those questions.

Are you using email, are your email campaigns effective? You are running regular email campaigns to keep in touch with existing customers and generate new leads?

Do you put a business hat on often enough to focus on your business rather than being immersed in your business?

Do you pick up the 'phone often enough to generate business and talk to existing customers?

Have you decided on and then measure religiously your Key Performance Indicators... You can't manage what you don't measure.

Have you tried to implement some passive income streams to your business?

Are you getting paid for all the work you do from your PC? If not what strategies have you for reducing it and getting your evenings back?

If you missed the seminars and would like copies of the slides just email and I will gladly send you copies. If you would like to know how theimagefile... could help with your web strategy just call 0870 224 2454 and we will happily call you back to discuss.

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