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by Ron Pybus Published 01/02/2007

These are just a few ways of promoting your business through others. There are many more. It is really up to you to research your locality to find suitable outlets and suitable schemes.

To market yourself, especially if you work from home, requires a display somewhere in the town centre. The baby shop referred to above moved some cases and was about to blank off part of a window to allow more interior display. I offered to produce a display which fitted on to the back of their shelves but faced outwards, thus saving them the cost of blocking out the window and for a small fee I now have a display in the window of the local toyshop and baby shop which is next to the door and is two metres high and one metre wide. A similar opportunity was spotted by the entrance door of an insurance broker who had his offices upstairs but a door and side window on the ground floor on the high street.

Moving or changing pictures attract people more than static ones in today's fast-moving world. If you have a display stand at a wedding fair or similar event it is essential to have a set of quality images, displayed on an ever-changing screen.

These days a website is vital to market yourself and your images, but more on that in the next issue.

There's more to it than taking photographs Are you just starting out in business or thinking of going into photography? Do you want to know more before the next issue?

Ron Pybus runs 2-, or 3-day courses designed to meet your specific needs. These are usually one-to-one or at most one-to-four. They can cover all business aspects plus practical studio work, lighting, etc and are held in his studio and training centre in the heart of beautiful Wiltshire. Courses start at £150 for two days. For more information contact Ron on 01225 774440 or email or see the website

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