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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/06/2015


An occasional feature by Charlotte Moss to introduce The Societies' Judges for Monthly Competitions, Photographer of the Year, Qualifications and the 16x20 Print Competition

Jamie Thompson has been judging for exclusively for The Societies for six years now in total, focussing on qualifications for the last two. He might be a relative newbie to the judging process, but Jamie already knows what he likes; 'The 20x16 print competition is the most interesting to judge, with the open category being a real favourite of mine'.

'There's so much variety and so many fresh ideas' says Jamie when I ask him what it is about the open category that he enjoys judging so much. 'You can't help but be inspired to try new shots, explore new locations and lose far too many evenings editing your new work!' Lots of people say this after seeing just the handful of entries that are displayed with their rosettes at the convention - so viewing many times more images in the judging is certain to whet any creative appetite!


Many judges also say that seeing all the new work is a great way to inject new life into your business and Jamie is no exception in this regard. 'every year there is a new wave of fresh talent from around the world and this creates a buzz that rubs off on you and your work.' There's benefit to spending some time sitting in on the process too; 'Before I judged I used to watch the judging and that was enough to spark an interest in shooting images for myself.' Everyone's business benefits from new ideas from time to time - where better to see them than in person and in print while they are being judged?

And of course after you've been inspired by the images being placed in front of the judges there's a benefit from using that inspiration to enter your own next time round! 'Entering competitions is one of the single most valuable investments you can make t your photography business. Jamie pointed out to me that not only do you have a chance of gaining recognition amongst your peers within the industry, but it helps to ensure you're shooting more interesting images that will in turn attract customers.

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1st Published 01/06/2015
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