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Published 01/10/2012


By Kevin Casha

When photographing and posing people, there are three main variables that need to be taken into consideration: the light, the subject and the photographer.

To some photographers, this is not so obvious, particularly at the beginning. Have we perhaps stopped seeing with our eyes and seeing only what advertising and commercials subtly direct and want us to see?

I meet so many hopefuls wishing they have this or that camera and this or that lens, thinking that high-end equipment will make them great photographers. Alas it is not the case. Granted, top-notch kit will make your life easier, and yes, for some genres of photography, such as macro, sports or underwater, one does need particular equipment. Yet, when one studies the history of photography, as well as great photographers, there is usually one thing which binds the majority of them - that is that they all based their photography not on their equipment, but on their mind and vision


In this day and age, with everybody rushing around, not unlike headless chickens, trying to keep up with everything, some of us are missing the forest for the trees. Is it not time to take stock and try to organise ourselves? Is it not time to think of our priorities and work towards them?

Is it not time to perhaps review our progress to date and try to analyse how to improve our work and lifestyle?

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