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by Richard P Walton Published 01/11/2011


Another important area of being a business person as well as a photographer is not forgetting that YOU are the most important thing in front of clients and potential clients (everybody) - I really think people are buying into us. You could be the best photographer in the world but if you aren't treating your clients and people exceptionally then I don't think you'll get to where you want to be in business and life. Let's not forget we are ultimately creating and recording memories so it's vital that we make them great ones.

Striving for originality isn't always easy in this day and age but it's not always as hard as we think. We can easily be original within our own little lives and circles of people we attract to us. Just because an idea you may have later turns out to have already been done, doesn't mean everyone else will know about it and your clients/potential clients know a lot less about photography than we sometimes think. So I think asking ourselves the simple question 'how can I be different?' on a regular basis really will help us not only take better photos but it will help us stand out from the crowd. This I think should be applied to all areas of our business and not just our photography.

If the photographer down the road is offering the vintage look, for example, that is popular at the moment you should offer something totally different, offer something that is your phase not somebody else's.

After all yours will be a lot more timeless than one that is taking over the masses.

Photography is a way of life, something that becomes part of you and something that no piece of technology can compete with, your MIND. It's the key to every success you want in both photography and life.

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