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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2006


We do not test many cameras for Professional Imagemaker, a quirk that has brought more positive feedback than many other topics. However there are some cameras that we find we just have to review so that we can field the many questions and telephone enquiries that come in. The D200 falls into this category. The specification fits nicely into the requirements of the digital wedding photographer and so we can avoid reviewing it no longer.

Terry Hansen always advises, when asked about which camera to buy, "The first one you can afford two of!" The D200 fits this nicely as you can buy two D200's and a lens and still not be up to the price of the D2x.


Mechanical This is a conventional SLR-shaped body, a little wider than the D100, which accommodates the larger LCD screen and top plate. The internals of the mirror box are completely new, with a smaller overall size to match the CCD chip. The D200 body is 147x113x74mm (w x h x d) and weighs 830g without batteries. The body is cast magnesium alloy, coated with rubber, where appropriate. The D200 adopts the seals from the D2x to keep it water resistant. Everything about this camera feels solid and workmanlike; it is much closer to a D2x than a D100.

The Electronics The chip is standard Nikon size at 23.6mm by 15.8mm, equipped with 10.92 million pixels (3872 x 2592). It does not share the chip of the D2x. The D2x is a CMOS chip; the D200 retains the CCD technology. The LCD screen on the back of the camera is massive, high resolution and extremely good quality. The internals have also been beefed up so that the burst depth is 37 jpeg or 22 RAW files at 5fps. After a 22 frames burst the camera took just 32 seconds to write the files from buffer to CompactFlash card.

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