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Published 01/02/2014


Creating websites and e-commerce solutions specifically for photographers, US based provider has off-the-peg packages to suit both amateurs and professionals, whether you want a full solution or just client proofing option. With trends suggesting photographers are looking at consolidating their online assess in one place, Gavin Stoker talks to Zenfolio users to find out more.

In business for a decade and with pro website options starting at just £100 per year, Zenfolio, a major exhibitor at this year's Convention and Trade Show, has got to be one of the most affordable options for any photographer seeking to set themselves up with a professional looking online solution. Perhaps that's why many successful photographers use Zenfolio both as an all-in-one solution as well as a standalone client proofing option. The basics are that for such an outlay you are provided with the tools to create either or both, Zenfolio reassuring first timers with the promise that no knowledge of specialist coding is required. In this age of smart phones and tablet computers (and indeed 'phablets'), it claims its users' photos can further be displayed on any device.


If you're considering a website as a business marketing tool, Zenfolio can help with that too. As well as getting a website specifically tailored to a photographer's needs at a very reasonable cost, a further lure of the service is the integrated marketing tools. These include the ability to generate email campaigns, create a social media buzz, optimise SEO via the correct keywords, issue coupons, gift certificates, and there is the obvious traffic driver of a blog to bring potential clients to you - as long as you regularly update your blog with fresh postings that is. And for visitors who do alight on your site, a 'Visitor Sign in' feature prompts every potential client to register their contact information with you. This, in turn, provides you with the ability to build up a database of contacts you can then direct market your services to. Perhaps you might want to entice those who have previously browsed your site but haven't booked a portrait session or purchased a print to now do so, with the aid of special offers and incentives. Photographers can even create special offer coupons and gift certificates with the aid of a Zenfolio account.

Those who are looking to monetise their photographic website will also be pleased to know that US originating Zenfolio is affiliated with pro lab One Vision Imaging here in the UK. This enables photographers to make the most of e-commerce opportunities, take orders for prints of their images, and have the finished product shipped directly to their customers if so desired. To get the old grey matter whirring, there are in excess of 500 products that can be sold via an integrated shopping cart. With Zenfolio it therefore appears that you're getting more than just a website; you're getting a means of marketing your business and an e-shop into the bargain, the latter offering the potential to expand your business to an international client base thanks to the accessibility of the internet at home and abroad, with the ability to trade in international currencies. The provider believes that there has been a 'big trend' in the industry for photographers to consolidate their assets into as few services as possible, therefore its all-in-one solution is perfectly pitched to match such requirements.

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