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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2012


In use, the interface is similar to using any other printer from Excel or Word, the main difference being the size of the page. A word of warning is required here, if you make a mistake on setting the scaling of the page size, from say Excel, you can find the printer ripping out 20 labels, so as to fill an A4 sheet! Setting margins is also important, the typical margin of an A4 sheet of 12 or 15mm will eat up most of you label space, a setting of a couple of millimetres is more appropriate.


TOP: The colour audit process used for Paper Chase delivers more than 20 spreadsheets of data and this is condensed into the summary page shown. This is still far too large for a sticky label but the summary table (middle) is selected with the 'Set Print Area' command and then sent to the Brother printer which acts like any other connected printer. BOTTOM: However, the margins need attention; what is appropriate for an A4 sheet robs most of the available space on a 100mmm x62mm label!

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