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Published 01/10/2015


One Vision Imaging has a long history of innovation- and that's continuing with the launch of the multiuse,multi-purpose 'Ten Squared' concept and affiliatescheme with Adobe. Gavin Stoker hears more from thepro photo lab's Adam Scorey...

For more than 40 years OneVision Imaging has beenmatching and exceedingthe expectations of agrowing number of photoprofessionals when it comes toprint presentation, consistentlyinnovating to help those in thetrade stay ahead of the game - andin front of the competition.

It therefore comes as no surpriseto learn that 2015 has been spentnot only tirelessly tweaking existingproducts - and pitching themat the likes of The Societies' ownDigital Imaging Roadshows - butalso adding new ones to the stable.A case in point is 'Ten Squared'; a10x10-cm square presentation solution.


"This is our way in which the social photographer can reach out to theInstagram and Polaroid generation of customers," One Vision's ProductDesign & Marketing Manager Adam Scorey explains. "We've got a rangeof box styles, with the idea being that this is a multi-faceted tool. It canbe a portfolio, used for marketing, as a bragging book, given to a brideas a gift or used as an alternative to the traditional parents' albums.There are a whole host of ideas regarding the uses this product can beput to.

"We really wanted to not only make it good value, but also offer plentyof opportunity too. For example, there is room for 27 prints in thebox, but if you were to produce 25 prints that would leave space fora title sheet and also a sheet that could be used for marketing; thephotographer can slip a special offer in there to attract more business.That's just one use. Other photographers we know are going to add aposing guide, or to illustrate hints and tips."

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