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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/06/2009


Though this aspect of the any industry provides studios with a strong sense of differentiation that can be conveyed in a tangible and visual form, it also poses a serious threat. When an entire brand and studio are built on the basis of one person's personality and identity, it becomes a major challenge to keep the brand going. That is why we chose to name the studio Patken rather then a sole individual's name. It allowed for future growth and studio branding rather than individual branding. Remember your brand is your promise.

Characterise Your Brand - it Can Make Development Easier

Branding is often made out to be a very difficult task. While I do believe in taking time for strategy development and promotional development, I think we often over-think during the process. Here is my personal story of how I developed my own brand. It includes the strengths that I have and, when choosing a staff, I wanted them to possess. If we just take a few moments to personalise and characterise our brand it can save us a great deal of headaches during the processing time. Using keywords is a great start. Keywords best consist of descriptions of your shooting. That should include such words as unique, edgy, personality, etc...


Strengths and Benefits

• I'm full of energy and passion.
• I get excited at the success of others; especially my own clients.
• I've been involved in photography since 1990.
• My speciality is to think outside the box and handle any situation thrown at me.
• I have a natural ability to see something from a bride's perspective.
• I will work until my mission has succeeded - no matter how long it takes. I never ever give up.
• I love what I do and the passion not only shows in my eyes, but in my dedication.

Now once you have a plan, how do you work it? Your name needs to be everywhere. The best place to market is with the clients you already have. Make your clients work for you. Each client should be worth at least three more. Your name must be everywhere. The best way to keep your name is to get very involved with local vendors' magazines, papers and the best reception sites. On many occasions I have called catering sites volunteering to photograph their rooms and bring models to the site. This will allow me to help them and myself. My expense is very limited as it is my time more so than anything else. When they like the photographs, they will display them in magazines, on the web and give them the best place at their facility. These images will all have credits and will set up possible catering recommendations, which by far are the best ones. Clients love to use the recommended vendors of their establishment. Remember every day, find a way to get your name going. I live by the motto I can only fail if I stop trying. Failure is not an option and on that note I am proud to announce after the success of our spring blast, that I will be hosting a two-day class with my partner in crime Kevin Kubota on August 4 and 5 in my Lindenhurst NY Studio. The class fee is only $445 usd which is roughly the price of a bagel in the UK. Ha Ha! But the truth is it is going to be great. We will be doing everything from a 'trash the dress' session on a beach, to spending an evening in NY City for some cool torch-light stuff. Great two days of two worlds, One Dream. Register at

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