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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


The FB Baryta Series

Test Pack 2 contains the FB series of papers. Again we have characterised the base paper properties and the data are also tabled and graphed. The main differences are in the coatings. The FB Matt stands out as being the solo matt finish in the group, the others are typical 'FB' in their look, just a little off full gloss and akin to an air-dried traditional silver halide paper. From amongst the swatches Distinction stands out because it is so much brighter than its companions, the other are rather similar in normal lighting but UV brings out more differences.

The Gloss Warm Tone and Gold Fibre Silk are relatively inactive in UV although they measured with slightly positive Fluorescence. The Gloss Warm Tone stands out on the SPD trace and is radically different to its companions when viewed in the UV booth. The warm finish works well in monochrome, with a little warming of the ink values in the Epson ABW driver, akin to a toned silver halide print


Distinction jumps out of the UV booth it is very bright indeed and has the highest Fluorescence reading and also the highest Whiteness reading.

For neutrality, the Gold Fibre Silk stands out. It is an undemonstrative paper with a low Fluorescence and an almost spectrally neutral base tone. In our recent test it performed spectacularly well on colour auditing with extreme accuracy in the skin tones to go with its high gamut and deep Dmax. It would be one of our go-to papers for exhibition work intended to last the duration.

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1st Published 01/08/2014
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