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Published 01/03/2001

The problems of advertising with printed leaflets are many, but the biggest ones to the small business are mainly of cost and the fact that most printing companies want a run of at least 500. I recently stumbled across a system that could solve this problem.

The photographer compiles his or her advert in Photoshop, this should be sized as 6" x 4", 7" x 5" or 9" x 6" (the reasons for this I will give later) and made into a PSD file. The contents of these ads.

can be whatever you want, for instance you can have a separate ad. for weddings, portraits, babies etc. or one general ad, the only limit is your imagination. Once it is finished it should be saved as a PSD and then flattened and saved as a JPG file (you should then have two copies a PSD and a flattened JPG ). The JPG file should be copied to a CD as many times as you need, for instance if you want 50 copies copy it 50 times this is a bit long winded but it is worth it. Take this CD to Boots the Chemist (one that has a digital makeover service) and order a complete set of prints of whatever size you have created current sizes are 6 x 4, 7x5 and 9x6, for a set of 50 this should cost about £10.

This has the advantage of you being able to order just the amount that is needed and also the fact that by saving the original PSD it can be edited anytime that you like. The Quality of these photographs are far better than printed copies and you the photographer are in complete control of the ad. Also this system comes in very handy if you are running any special promotions as these photographs really look the part and you don't end up with boxes of unused or outdated copies.

Please be aware that it is important that your computer and monitor are calibrated correctly and also be ready to make any minor adjustments to colour balance, it is also wise to try and use the same Boots branch and you will find that the staff will work with you, I personally use the St. Helens branch and find that the staff have got really interested in the digital side of photography and have proved to be very helpful and take a pride in the quality of work that they turn out which again is half the battle.

Brian J Peers LSWPP

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1st Published 01/03/2001
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