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Published 01/04/2006


Introduction In the extracted text on the previous pages, Patrick Rice discusses the mechanics of infrared and digital infrared. In a nutshell, monochrome infrared imagery distorts tonal rendition, the most prominent effects being a lightening of foliage, deepening of blue sky, a glowing, softening of skin tones and, often, enhanced grain in the image. All of these effects can be created in Photoshop although you can choose how much help that you give to Photoshop beforehand, by varying your filtration at the taking stage.

Lee Filters There are a number of IR filters to choose from but Lee Filters provide the Lee 87 and the holders to go with it. The Lee 87 is opaque to visible light so you have to focus the camera with the filter moved out of the way, or guess, or use a rangefinder camera. The polyester filter is held via their Foundation Kit and it is best to use a mounted filter (ie with a built-in surround). The ex VAT prices were as follows (as we went to press, but about to change, so visit for latest information).

Foundation Kit £43.55
Adaptor Ring £14.66 (for the common sizes)
75x75mm Lee 87 £7.44
100x100mm Lee 87 £12.39
150x150mm Lee 87 £22.43


The bottom line is that for around about £60 you should be up and running with your infrared experimenting. The image shows a typical Lee Filter set-up (on a Walker Titan) with a deep orange filter. An 87 filter is opaque. Within the Wratten classification there are the 29 & 70 (deep red), the 87, 88A and 87C which are opaque.

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