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Other Layers

There are a host of other "layer" names and features. The main ones are

1. Adjustment Layers - these adjust the colour of the layer with which they are associated or all the way down the layer stack below. By default that are made with a layer mask.

2. Type Layers - these hold type in editable form. The name in the Layers Palette takes the actual text.

3. Vector Layer - these hold vector shapes and are created by default when you draw using the vector shape tool from the Tool Bar.

Layer Sets

Regular Layers may be organised into colour-coded sets for large, complex projects. A Layer Set may be expanded to show all its constituent layers or collapsed to show as just a single entity, thus taking less space in the layer stack of the layers Palette.


Tom Lee set up the image of Leanne toffing it up as the Lady of Tabley Hall [1].The brown fire screen was a bit dull and uninteresting and one light was out [2]. An existing, illuminated bulb was cloned onto a new layer then moved across into position. To add a touch of mystery the entire image was then copied and pasted to a new layer, then scaled and distorted to fit into the fire screen of the original. To allow the structure of the fire screen fabric to show through the opacity was decreased to 90%.This process was then repeated twice more with ever smaller repeat images and gradually declining opacity. The final image is shown on the left [4].

Note that each layer has been accurately named. While it is unlikely with so few layers, more complex projects need good naming management and layer set-making to keep tabs on what is what!

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