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Published 01/06/2011


Portrait Professional Version 10

It is almost 18 months since we featured Portrait Professional, so as well as introducing the latest version, it is worthwhile explaining, to new readers, just what it does.

Developed by a group of Oxbridge academics and engineers, the software has an in-built idea of what a beautiful face should look like. This has been taught to the software during development, but is an ongoing project. Beauty in the human face is usually enhanced by axial symmetry either side of the nose, large eyes, a medium-sized or small nose, fulsome lips, a delicate chin line (for females) or a strong chin (for males), all of which should be accompanied by a flawless skin complexion. So, as well as smoothing skin, softening lines and wrinkles, and lifting saggy bits, Portrait Professional widens eyes, trues up the scale of the face, either side of the nose, and generally improves the facial shape. This is done with five clicks of the mouse and a bit of curve reshaping and takes literally seconds. It is followed by a few moments' delay, while the program does its stuff and the enhanced face is then presented for final adjustments. Estimates vary, but most of the enhancements would take a Photoshop expert many hours to accomplish. It really is that simple, and you do not even need to read anything, you just follow the on-screen instructions.


The changes to a face might be quite subtle, but they can be reviewed by hitting the Enter key which toggles the 'before and after' on and off. In the example shown, the following changes are noted:

1. The eyebrows are lifted
2. The eyes are opened a little
3. The outer edges of the lips are raised to introduce a slight smile
4. The lips are filled out
5. The jaw line is narrowed
6. The skin blemishes are reduced but not eliminated (this prevents the face being changed to a 'plastic doll look'

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