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by Norman Phillips Published 01/06/2010


Discounts only work when a prospective buyer is actually thinking about your product or service. When we look through the advertising we get in the mail or via email, we mostly think that unless something special is offered that may have been in the back of our minds we simply just browse. It is possible that an existing client has a new portrait in mind so she is more likely to call and see if you have something she is interested in.

So what is more likely to bring your old clients and new ones too?

toddler dressing up


At Norman Phillips of London Photography studio, established in 1983, we established a strong market across the United States by creating reasons for families to visit the studio, not only by the quality of the photography and service, but by being creative. In other words giving both existing clients and new clients a reason to make an appointment.

But first let's review why families have portraits made. One is to update the family portrait or to maintain the picture record of the children. Consequently this appointment is made several times in the first two years and then each year until they go to school when, in many cases, the school photographer takes over. But, if we have built a good relationship with the client we should still be creating both family and individual portraits of these clients, and especially the children, regardless of the school photographer.

You note that there is a pattern here and we need to create a reason to break that pattern. This is where a little creativity comes in and, at our studio, we created a series of themes to entice parents to bite on an offer.

These themes were planned to generate new business over the period between the special holiday dates that often cause parents to have portraits made; Christmas and Easter (in some markets), Mother's Day and Father's Day, though the latter two can be tweaked to be more effective. The themes need to be distinctly separate from traditional holiday themes.

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