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Published 01/06/2014


Social photographers have a habit of staying in their comfort zone, not many push the boundaries - those who do, reap the rewards. The public constantly look for something different, images that make a statement.

If you submit images for competition, the winners are usually the ones that stand out as being different, therefore it is logical that a potential customer would have their head turned by the same criteria.

How can we be different? Do we want to be different. The one area that does not seem to make much, if any progress, is wedding photography; it is either 'Classical' or 'Documentary' and in some cases a clever combination of both. However, venues remain the same, wedding dresses look the same, men mostly dress the same; so no changes there.

The only other area open to change is the approach to posing and the final manipulated image, which clearly needs to be different to what anyone else can take or produce; however, with the advent of fantastic camera technology and Photoshop skills wedding photographers are really up against it.


Many have given up the fight and turned to portraits in various forms toleave the people skills, hassle and sheer hard work covering a weddingto the part-time operators or worse the family relative with his or hernice new camera! So wedding photography is unlikely to improve orchange, however, there will always be good business for the people whostay the course and insist on being different. They will charge top dollarbecause they are different, so when and where did they learn their skills?From other photographers, of course, studying trends and fashions,looking overseas at what is current in fast-developing countries; we arebasically a great country of copiers, we learn from other people, we mayintroduce our own slant on things and even add and try something newand unusual, but we have initially taken the lead from the successfulrenowned photographers. That is why Photo Training Overseas scoursmagazines, websites, etc looking for the talent that is different, that willinspire and create motivation to the people who invest in training - lastJanuary we included an architectural photographer and a table-topadverting photographer into the mix - 'what will I learn from them?', youcould almost hear the social photographers saying; well everyone whoattended the Masterclasses were quite amazed at just what they didlearn; if nothing else new business opportunities, so take a look at nextJanuary's line-up:

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