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Published 01/10/2012


If photographers at the masterclass take away just one thing, what does Barrie hope it will be? "Hopefully they'll learn to correct mistakes and this will make their photographs better. The little things, body positions, hands, and things that lots of people do in Photoshop too, either over-processing the images or not watching for blown out highlights. The sort of things which are really obvious to us now. So it's all the little things that would make a better photo that they can control on the day or fix easily afterwards. It's taking the skill sets that the delegates have already got and making them better, easily and quickly.


"95 per cent of people think that what we tell them is far too much like hard work, but the 5 per cent that take it away and do it...when you see the results of their work it's quite inspiring for us. It's just nice to see people get on and do well."

Barrie believes that the qualification structure that the SWPP offers has a positive impact on winning clients too. There is no doubt that when aiming to achieve a certain level such as an associateship or fellowship, you'll be pushing yourself to raise your standards in all the aspects of your work. That has a knock on effect for the client because they're benefiting from you pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. So although they're not asking for qualifications when they book you, your clients are receiving the rewards of you working towards them. Barrie also adds that if you're looking for work as a second shooter a qualification may be something that tips the balance in your favour. "I'd certainly take into account whether or not someone has qualifications, because I think more than anything it's the fact that they're trying to achieve something and push themselves and that is important. If they are a part of SWPP and they're trying to get qualifications then that's a big thing."

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