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by Damian McGillicuddy Published 01/10/2010


Now I think this version of Rolling with the BIG Dog will see me cementing my position as the Societies' premier and numero uno 'grumpy old man'! I did think twice about putting myself in this position, but the simple truth is this, even if you hate what I say, and me along with it, it will make very little difference to my life or career. However, if you do listen and take the principals onboard I guarantee it will make a big difference to your photography long term - as always, the choice is yours!

Ok, prepare for my rambling mini-rant:

Anybody who has had the misfortune to spend anytime in my photographic company can't fail to see my 'evangelical zeal' when it comes to my beloved profession, it really is one of the 'loves' in my life. So my 'grump' is not because I've fallen out of love with the industry, but more because I can see it hurting.

I spend a lot of time talking photography to photographers, why wouldn't I, it's my life, and more often than not I'm seeing and hearing the same things over and over again...bookings are down, takings are down, competition is fiercer than ever and photographers seem ten a penny - where has it all gone wrong?


Now please don't get me wrong this isn't a 'full-time' v 'part-time' rant, I really don't care about photographer's status, bizarrely if you look at other organisations' rules I myself an ineligible for their membership! So what do I think is wrong then? As I said previously, my answer may be unpalatable to many, but it can be cured swiftly if you so desire and somebody needs to say these things and, well, my shoulders are certainly broad enough.

A lot of the people I talk with come from what I call the 'equipment if only brigade'! Those who believe that the product and quality of their photographic endeavors is some how limited by the size of their wallet and the equipment it can secure for them. Of course, there are also those who have 'all the gear' but have 'no idea', we'll touch on them later in the article!

Now nobody realises how lucky they are in the 'kit endowed' department as myself, but I'd be mortified if for one moment anybody assumed that it was the 'gear' that was creating my work!

So the first mission in this installment of 'Rolling' is to prove that it isn't quantity or price of kit that produces results, but knowing what to do with said kit? Now one of the things I'm most proud of is the fact that I wont make a statement or teach anything if I cant prove the issue... pressure on me then!

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