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by Stuart Wood Published 01/12/2015


So, that was 2015!

What did we do, blink and it was over?

I hope that it has been a good year for you and lets now look forward to 2016. We all have the exciting prospect of Socieities' Convention in January, which is the premier photographic convention in the UK and I personally think is the best possible way to fire us up and inspire us for the coming year. With January usually being a quieter month, business wise, I always find it a personal favourite part of my calendar, spending a week with like-minded people and friends that I get little chance to see during the rest of the year.

This coming Convention sees me hosting a Masterclass and Superclass and also a location lighting day, which I am very excited about and I hope you can join me for those.

I am also finishing this year very enthused at the work that I have done in 2015 and also with some very exciting news that I am now working closely with a new partner, Fuji Cameras. I have long been a big fan of their fabulous equipment as well as firm friends with the Fuji team that are well known to many of us as regular contributors at photographic events.

As a TV photographer, I am particularly excited about using their silent shutter on set, which will improve my creativity during actual takes without the restrictions of having to house my usual camera into unwieldy and awkward 'sound blimps' that have never rendered my previous equipment completely silent anyway.

You will, I am sure, start to see the results of my new partnership very soon as I introduce my new work into my regular article.

So to this issues picture! Very topical don't you think?

As my Christmas card showing my children is a regular feature during the festive season, both amongst my family and friends (some of our friends never want to know what the card will look like until it is given to them, as it is now a firm part of their Christmas!) and has always proved incredibly popular with my clients, I have had to adapt the theme as my children have matured and last Christmas, I came up with the idea of a very simple, clean image that is very monochromatic, apart from a small 'slash' of the Christmas colour red. I also thought it would be interesting to have most of the picture pure black punctuated with minimal areas of beautiful lighting on the very edges of the faces and end up with a extremely graphic image.

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