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by Jocelyn Conway Published 01/08/2016


The last few years have been phenomenal for me and my business.

In the last two years I have gained my Associate and Fellowship with The Societies and have won a Photographer of the Year award two years running ...Fine Art last year and Bump to Baby this year! WOW!

I am extremely grateful to my mentor, Damian McGillicuddy; none of this would have happened without him!

I started out many years ago as a fledgling photographer aged 16 at the local paper! Then on the strong advice of my mother, I got a proper job as a nurse then a midwife ...21 years later I left midwifery to go back to photography and set up my portrait business in 2007!

My main clients are expectant mums and new babies ...working with mums and babies for a long time as a midwife, I automatically played to my strengths.

As a midwife I was acutely aware about the safety aspects around pregnant mums and new babies and as we are now working on the wards to work safely! In this article I will go through the safety precautions for photographing pregnant women, new babies and ourselves as photographers, in the studio setting.

Pregnant Mum Safety

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time for mums. The body goes through extreme changes as the pregnancy advances. Emotions are a rollercoaster through the pregnancy and mums can become tired easily, but be full of energy at other times.


I do pregnancy photos around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy so the bump is lovely and big, and mum isn't too far in her pregnancy to be too tired for the session.

Here are a few things to consider.

I don't have the studio too hot, as pregnant mums have their own central heating and can overheat easily; on the other hand there are occasionally mums who are freezing all the time. I just ask them and adjust the heating accordingly.

When heavily pregnant, womenstand differently ...the weight of the bump pulls the back forward and the pelvis backwards... you get that lovely curve to the back ...and mums can't stand up 'straight'.

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