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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/10/2013


"Timeless to me is a piece that you can look at today, and again tomorrow, and it always has that feel of something of value' Sam says. In our modern world where fashions constantly change and styles come and go in the blink of an eye, it can be hard to produce images that are something a client might want to keep on their wall for years to come.

Never being one for following the latest gimmick in the photography world, Sam prides himself on keeping his own distinctive style. 'I try to stay in a contemporary mode regardless of what look is currently in fashion. I've always been a contemporary photographer but sometimes you have to adapt a little to what your customers want. As long as you follow your fundamentals then you can't stray too far."


Sam finds that his timeless style of photography means that clients come back to him every few years to update their portraits. But he believes it's not only producing high-end, artistic images that is the key to repeat business but also having high-end customer service that provides each client with the time that they need. 'We're not a high-volume studio and I give myself a lot of time with each client. It pays off because you're doing it properly and you're not in a hurry. It's not about you performing as a show, it's about you being an artist. In fact it's more than you being an artist, it's about you being a professional.'

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