The Psychology of Selling - part 1 of 1 2

Published 01/10/1999

Derek Avery

Winning Closing Techniques Part 1

Do I understand how and when to use the alternative and secondary closes?

Do I understand how and when to use the take away and puppy dog closes?

Why is the Ben Franklin close so effective?

Under what circumstances would I use the order sheet close?

Do I understand how and when to use the walk away close?

Do I ask for referrals after a sale and use them to call on new prospects?


Following are some of the simplest, most popular and most powerful closing techniques that have ever been developed.

The secondary close involves closing on a minor point in the safe presentation, acceptance of which denotes acceptance of the entire offer. For example the person looking at a refrigerator and you say, "will you want this in blue or green?"

The assumption close assumes the sale has been made. The person hasn't said yes or no and you say, "would you like us to deliver this to your home this afternoon or will be tomorrow be alright".

The take away close is also very powerful. When the person is hesitating, you halt the presentation and say "Oh just a minute before we go any further lets make certain we can get this model for you"

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