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Published 01/11/2010


By Richard P Walton

As photographers we are governed by certain rules, although with new technology things have loosened up a bit we still have to stick to what is viable in the situation we're in. As we abide by these technical rules I feel we are also governed by another set of rules that we seem to have created ourselves, as professionals we feel the need to live up to what's expected of us as photographers and not what we are capable of as artists.

This is something that has really got me thinking recently and had a big effect on the way I now run my photography business. As I always considered myself a photographer before an artist I had been a victim to these rules myself. I had the odd moment when the artist would shine through but on the whole I was stuck in a similar rut I feel many of us are or have been.

As somebody who like yourself is no doubt is interested in imagery I have spent a lot of time looking at other photographers work. What I have come to realise is that so many of us are the product of somebody else's imagination.


Our industry has become a little flat, We have more and more photographers coming through but less and less original work being produced. Whether we are doing it intentionally or not we often just copy the last person. We do what's expected of us, whether we are shooting portraits, weddings or what ever it might be.

We feel we should give our clients what they expect and keep our peers on our side by conforming to what is deemed right.

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