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by Sofie Louca Published 01/02/2008


On the positive side, many brides and photographers have accepted the concept and are eager to create something unusual and artistic either simply for a personal memory or as something to go on their wall as a piece of artwork. On the other hand, there are some that feel it's a travesty to ruin an expensive dress or that it's simply a temporary craze that will pass. Whether or not TTD is just a trend remains to be seen - but really, does it matter? At this moment, and as with anything, that's all that truly matters; it's an enjoyable opportunity for clients to get back in front of the camera and experience something that they probably would never have had a chance to had this 'trend' not come along.

There are also those who find the whole concept of trashing an expensive wedding dress either offensive or wasteful and reason that trashing the dress calls into question the values of marriage itself and shows a lack of respect or that a bridal gown is something that should be passed down to a daughter to be worn again. It's highly debatable whether a dress will be worn again in 20 to 30 years' time, but far more importantly, TTD does not under-value marriage or the vows that have been taken. We view a TTD session as more of an ongoing celebration of a couple's marriage, a great way for a bride to wear her dress again and an extra opportunity for a couple to express themselves, away from the stresses of the wedding day.


Earlier this year, was also joined by a variety of official sister sites, the most recent of which was the Australian ( site, as well as the introduction of a forum ( forum) for photographers, vendors and brides. Amorphia Photography (, currently based in the UK, has worked in conjunction with Mark Eric on other projects such as Don't Box Us In (www.dontboxusin. com ) and he suggested we launch the European site (www. and this went live during the summer and has already attracted a large number of visitors. It features some amazing work by photographers from all over Europe.

All the TTD sites spotlight photographers and images from their sessions and the aim is to promote creativity within the wedding photography field and to provide a site for brides and grooms in Europe to get ideas for their own session and even find themselves a professional photographer in their area who we''re satisfied to recommend in our referral list. We're currently contacting photographers throughout Europe who we know have shot TTD sessions or are planning to, but just as importantly have a high standard of professional work and can be added to a referral list on the site. We're also encouraging tasteful and artistic TTD sessions by featuring a range of images on the website from various photographers to which others can aspire.

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