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Published 01/12/2013


Hailing from beautiful Norway, Unni Brekke is the current holder of the Societies' Macro Photographer of the Year award. An accomplished photographer and digital artist, Unni took some time out from creating images to tell Professional Imagemaker about her current projects.

Life would be a duller place without Photoshop,' Unni proclaims when I ask her what tools she could not do without. 'It really is my toy and it has endless creative possibilities. When I did an introductory course years ago I felt I had finally found the tool that would enable me to make the pictures I had longed for.' Of course Unni does not create her images entirely with Photoshop. Most of her images originate from her own photography but Photoshop is the one tool that she could not do without.


'I have digital albums filled with images of flowers, textures, backgrounds, details of all sorts of things which I have taken in the past.'

Unni's digital artwork relies heavily on compositing images together to create new and often impossible scenes. 'Having a digital library means I can sometimes just sit down in front of my computer wanting to make a new image and I will already have what I need to accomplish the picture I am thinking of. You can never have enough images though, of course, so my digital libraries just keep filling up!'

Inspiration is something that all artists need and Unni is no exception.

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